Sue, thank you for doing such a great job. The flowers were just beautiful and we loved the golf balls and tees. The book marks were terrific. They caused so much comment and Henry was thrilled. (We left the books at the Shebeen, hope this was OK). The cake was spot on and we loved your touches. Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. We arrived from DC by the skin of our teeth and everything was set up and looked fantastic. We had a great evening and Henry loved every moment.
Kind regards, you excelled!

Over the months, I had spent several hours a month toting our office’s recyclables to the local recycling station…not an easy feat for me while in heels, carrying heavy bins full of sticky, yucky cans, and let’s not forget the swarming bees who welcomed my arrival, and quickly rushed me on my way to my next round of business…a Sam’s Club trip for our sodas, coffee, and all those other office necessities. Again, not fun in heels! Somehow, after these weekly trips, I returned to work exhausted and yet, still had a full day of work ahead of me! But one day while driving on an errand run, what appeared beside me but a cute little car with a cute little daisy logo and it read “Cville Concierge & Errand Service” …. Ahhhh, the heavens opened, the sun shined brightly, and finally here sat my Princess Charming (Sue Battani) beside me in traffic! Oh, how I felt like Cinderella and just knew this would be a perfect fit! And so our love story began….
Vmeals, like Cville Concierge, is a service business and the reason people love us is that we make arranging business meals so EASY for customers. I LOVE doing business with a like minded company that makes MY life a little easier, and for that I *heart* Cville Concierge!
Dawn Lotts, Business Manager

We have been using Cville Concierge for a few years now. They offer a wonderful service and have taken on tasks both small and large for us. Their can-do attitude, attention to detail, and total professionalism is what makes them an important asset to our organization.
Victor H. Schiller, President
Fresh Brewed Media

We have used Cville Concierge services several times when we travel. Firstly, as a house check service where they ensure our home is safe and there are no problems whilst we are out of town. We also ask them to shop for the essential groceries we need on our return. It re-assures us to know our home is in safe hands and also to arrive back, jet lagged to a replenished refrigerator is just heaven! Other occasions have included picking up our dogs from boarding and taking them to our home when we are arriving back late from a trip. Sue feeds them and ensures they are attended to, so they are there to greet us when we walk through the door. On each occasion Sue has been available when we needed her help. She responds to email immediately and has no problem with any detailed requirements you might have. I would highly recommend their services and have never had any problems with my requests or their fulfillment of them. Keep up the good work!
Pam Clark

We have used the services of C’ville Concierge over the past couple of years for house-sitting services and, most recently, for pet sitting for our two new kitties. We have 2 rescued full grown cats and have been more than satisfied with the care that they receive from Sue and her staff. In addition to pet care, we know that the house is watched also which is a great dividend!
Trish & Ted Raymond

Sue was friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable about local products. She listened attentively to my requirements and offered helpful suggestions. She put together a birthday celebration with food, drinks, balloons, cake, a couple of gifts etc. quickly. Top notch. Sue knew just where to get everything. It was a celebration based on the recipient, down to the theme and colors used. She contributed a great deal to his special day, and I would not hesitate to call upon Charlottesville Concierge again.
Marsha Justus

My husband and I live in Washington, DC, but we also have a condo in Charlottesville. Because we have many family members and friends who also visit Charlottesville and use our condo (and short of making the 2 hour drive each time someone wanted to use it to get it ready), it was becoming impossible for me to keep up with all the cleaning, etc. Then I discovered Cville Concierge, and now they take care of everything for me! All I do is email them, and let them know what I need done (laundry, changing beds, cleaning), and they get back to me right away with a day and time for services to be performed. They are so conscientious, and I know that after they leave, our condo will be ready for our next guests. If I have a service call scheduled at the condo, and I can’t get there personally, they will make sure someone is there to take care of it for me. Once they even mailed a briefcase back to us that my husband had left behind on a visit. They truly are wonderful, and have made my life so much easier. I don’t know what I would do without them, and would recommend their services to everyone.
Nancy Ledford

I have used Cville Concierge services for more than 2 years. They have always provided reliable service for my house when I am away. I have absolute confidence and trust in the service.
LH Phillips, MD